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If you're chosen to join the Sawa app, you'll receive $20 immediately after you fully enroll in the platform. 

You'll be entered to win an iPad, and you'll get another $30 in three weeks after you've completed three success savings cycles. 

*Sawa will never share your survey answers with other community or pod members.  Payments will be sent only to the participants who are chosen to advance to the Beta Test phase of the platform. Read more about the Terms & Conditions HERE.

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Protect Yourself

At Sawa, you are not alone.

We are a first-of-its-kind community financial support platform.

Sawa is a way to protect against your own financial emergencies and help others in your community address unexpected financial challenges.

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Protect Others

With Sawa, your money stays

in your community.

You & every other user in your community have immediate access to a community-backed

emergency fund.


Trusted & Secure

Sawa is a venture-backed startup founded by industry leading fintech

and business experts.

We are a technology platform that uses behavioral science to create a community support system for borrowers to increase financial literacy and improve access to emergency capital.

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